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Erin Lundrigan, the 2007, 2008 and 2009 NL Ladies Junior as well as the 2009 and 2010 NL Ladies Amateur Golf Champion  offers some tips for  improving your golf game. These are tips that one should follow from warmup through the putting green.


Erin Lundrigan


  • You should only hit a few balls with each club, you don’t want to wear yourself out on the driving range before you even get on the course.
  • Make sure you have a target when hitting every shot and go through your pre-shot routine each time.
  • The first couple of putts you hit should not be aimed at a hole, just putt anywhere on the green to get the feel for the speed of the greens.
  • Then start with short putts, but not forgetting to hit a few very long putts as well.


  • The placement of your tee time is important if you want to hit the green in regulation.
  • The ball must be placed about an inch inside your front foot and even though people are more likely to swing harder with their drivers.
  • It is important to swing easy and let the club do the work.
  • The power of your swing should be from hip to hip and flipping over your back foot makes sure that your weight gets all the way through so you are able to get maximum distance.


  • With each fairway shot, you must place the ball at a different position in your feet depending on the club selection and distance.
  • The longer the distance, the more forward in your stance you should place the ball, until you get to chipping distance where the ball should be in the back of your stance and your hands ahead of the ball.


  • Dig your feet into the sand until you feel comfortable and you have good stability. 
  • The clubface should be very open and in order to do this, your feet should be pointed on an angle opposite to which hand you shoot.
  • Most important in this shot is to accelerate all the way through to your target and keep your lower body very quiet.



  • Putting is mostly about your own feel for the greens and the weight at which you stroke the ball.
  • Being able to read the grain of the green as well as the several different breaks that could be in the line of your putt, takes time and practice.
  • The ball should be positioned in the middle of your stance and your feet should be parallel, or open to the path of the ball, never closed.
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