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Saturday, October 20 2012 - Hole-in-one Club 2012

The Hole-in-one club at Grande Meadows increased by 5 during the 2012 golf season as 4 players aced the Par 3 third hole while one golfer aced the par 3 seventh hole.

Golfer Information

Dave Bungay

Dave Bungay had the first hole-in-one at Grande Meadows this summer when he aced the Par 3 seventh hole on May 22. Bungay used his hybrid into a strong wind from the back tees of the 160 yard hole. It was also Bungay's first ever hole-in-one. Playing in a group with Bungay that day were Fred Douglas, Eli Patten and Ron Bungay.

Ches Kenway

Ches Kenway also aced the Par 3 third hole on August 3 to claim his first hole-in-one. Kenway used his 8 iron from the 142 yard distance to complete the feat. Kenway was playing with his wife Debbie at the time.

Bob Hoyles

65 year old Bob Hoyles who has been golfing for 45 years fired the first ace of his career on September 6 when he holed out the 142 yard Par 3 third hole using a 6 iron into a strong wind. Hoyles was playing in a group with Edmund Antle, Ches Cribb, John Bugden and Kevin Carvery.

Nicholas Dorey

17 year old Nicholas Dorey became the youngest player to ace a Par 3 at Grande Meadows when he used his pitching wedge to ace the 125 yard Hole # 3 on Saturday September 15 during the Burin Peninsula Health Care Centre's Annual Golf tournament. Dorey became the second person to have a hole-in-one in the BPHCC tournament as Danny Fitzpatrick also aced the 3rd hole on September 8,2002. For his efforts Dorey won a trip to a resort. Dorey was playing with the Investors Group Team which included (L to R:)Nicholas, Ian Barrett, Mark Abbott and Gordie Murphy.


Mike Russell

Mike Russell used his 8 iron from a distance of 138 yards to record his first ever hole-in-one on October 12 while playing in a group with Barry Stacey, Bob Hoyles and Frank Hodder.

Saturday, October 13 2012 - Men's Night Finale

27 golfers turned out for the Men's Night Finale on Saturday October 13 despite the cool windy conditions which made golfing quite a challenge at times. However, a great time was had by all in the 9 hole Best Ball competition on the Front 9 and the 9 hole Individual competition on the Back 9.

The Men's Night Committee consisting of Ray Walsh, Ches Cribb, Edmund Antle and John Bugden did an exceptional job again this year in keeping Thursday night's men's program running well. On one Thursday night there would be best ball with teams selected while on the next night there would be individual play with the points system thrown in at other times to vary the game.

During the awards presentation the players themselves vote on the Norm Croucher Award which is presented to the player who presents himself in a sporting manner around the Men's Night. This year's winner as voted by the players was John Bugden.





In the finale there were 7 teams selected for best ball with Team #1 consisting of Bob Hoyles, Joey Smallwood, Ches Cribb and John Bugden emerging the winners with a score of -7. The team also took home the group skins for the day.



As well for the first time this year "The Band" made up of Art Cluett, Harold Foote and Wayne Taylor put on a great show before and after the dinner with their selection of traditional Newfoundland songs as well as some country and western oldies. It was a treat for all the guys and we look to make it even more popular next year. Way to go guys!

The other individual award winners on each hole are listed below as well there are some photos taken around and during the event.

Hole Number

Prize Competition


Hole #1

Closest to the pin Second Shot

Charlie Loughlin

Hole #2

Longest Drive, Ball in Fairway

Jim Farewell

Hole #3

Closest to the pin

Joey Smallwood

Hole #4

Closest to the White Marker

Frank Hodder

Hole #5

Closest to the Pin Third shot

Ray Warren

Hole #6

Closest to the Red Marker

Morley Adams

Hole #7

Closest to the pin

Ches Cribb

Hole #8

Closest to the pin 3rd shot

Barry Stacey

Hole #9

Closest to the red marker 1st shot

George Brushett

Hole #10

Closest to the pin Second Shot

Ray Walsh

Hole #11

Longest Drive, Ball in Fairway

Brent Clarke

Hole #12

Closest to the pin

Art Cluett

Hole #13

Closest to the Red Marker

Charlie Loughlin

Hole #14

Closest to the pin Third Shot

Frank Hodder

Hole #15

Closest to the Red Marker

Frank Hodder

Hole #16

Closest to the pin

Kevin Carvery

Hole #17

Closest to the pin 3rd shot

Joey Smallwood

Hole #18

Closest to the pin Second Shot

Barry Stacey

Putting Contest


Harold Foote

Chipping Contest


Charlie Loughlin


Free Registration Next Year

Ches Cribb



Bob Hoyles, Ches Cribb, Joey Smallwood, John Bugden



Edmund Antle,


Team Low Score

Bob Hoyles, Ches Cribb, Joey Smallwood, John Bugden


Most Birdies

Morley Adams – 2


Most Pars

Frank Hodder – 7


Most Bogies

Jim Farewell – 9


Most Double Bogies

Kevin Carvery – 4


Norm Croucher Award

John Bugden

Men's Night Finale Photos Taken October 13,2012

Charlie Loughlin with Ray Walsh








Jim Farwell with Ray Walsh





Joey Smallwood with Ray Walsh

Frank Hodder with Ray Walsh

Ray Warren with Ray Walsh

Morley Adams with Ray Walsh

Ches Cribb with Ray Walsh

Barry Stacey with Ray Walsh

George Brushett

Art Cluett

Kevin Carvery

Harold Foote - Putting Contest Winner

Ivan Paul cuts cake

Registration Desk

Eagerly Awaiting Start

Good to go!

Joey Smallwood tees off for Team 1

Ivan Paul tees off first for Team 2

Kevin Carvery tees off second for Team 2

Gerard Cooke is the first of the tee for Team 3

George Brushett gets Team 4 underway

Eric Ayers hits the fairway for Team 5

Ray Warren gets Team 6 off the first tee

Tom Eastman hits first for Team 7

Ray Walsh puts for Birdie on Hole #2

Tom Eastman tees off in the hail on Hole #8

Harold Foote wins putting contest

Edmund Antle tears up the green with a chip

Mike Russell tries his flop shot. It worked!!

Cooke tries to get Ray to change scores

The scores are being tabulated!

The Band has started.


Ivan Paul listens to the Band.

Crystal serves the boys lined up at the counter.

Mrs. B helped by Harold Foote.

Hail on the practice putting green.


Food must ge good as all are quiet!

Mike Russell enjoys his Turkey dinner!


Thursday, October 11 2012 - Fall Fest Mixed Golf Tournament

The Fall Fest Mixed Golf Tournament was played on Saturday Oct. 6 and was well attended with 50+ golfers taking part in the 18 hole event.

The winning teams included (see photo below):

1st Place:          Ray Walsh and Betty Walsh

2nd Place:        Eric Evans and Heather Drake

3rd Place:         Ray Warren and Dorothy Warren

Left to Right: Eric Evans, Heather Drake, Betty Walsh, Ray Walsh, Dorothy Warren, Ray Warren

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