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Saturday, May 25 2013 - 4 Person Best Ball Tournament Results

The Grande Meadows Men's Night Committee held its second Annual 4 Person Best Ball tournament on Saturday with a full complement of 70 golfers on 18 teams participating.

At the end of the day there were 2 teams tied for first place and 2 teams tied for third place so a playoff was held to decide the winners. The playoff consisted of one shot for each team member from the 150 yard marker on Hole # 9 with the closer to the pin winning.

In the battle for first with the two teams tied at -8, Derek Moulton bounced a nine iron to within 14 feet of the pin to clinch the title for the second year in a row. Other team members included Tim, Timothy and Terry Walters. Finishing in second place was the team of Ryan Lane, Matthew Shea, Colin Hodder and Brian Hicks.

In the playoff for third place Paul Hartson hit an eight iron to within 15 feet to barely beat out Jerry Adams shot which was about 17 feet from the pin. Other members of Hartson's team were Perry Stone, Matthew Hackett and Sam Warren. Finishing in fourth along with Adams were Morley Adams, Charlie Loughlin and George Brushett. Both teams finished the 18 holes at -7.

Closest to the pin prizes were Brent Clarke on Hole # 7 while Mike Russell claimed the closest to the pin with his second shot on Hole # 9.

In a putting contest Edmund Antle claimed the prize of which he donated to minor golf. Overall $60.00 was raised for minor golf.

Special thanks for a very successful tournament goes out to the Men's Night Committee consisting of Ray Walsh, Ches Cribb, Edmund Antle and John Bugden.

Below are a few photos of the winners and participants taken throughout the day. Click on each thumbnail to see the larger photo.


1st: Timothy Walters, Terry Walters, Tim Walters, Derek Moulton


2nd: L to R: Colin Hodder, Brian Hicks, Ryan Lane, Matthew Shea


3rd: Matthew Hackett, Sam Warren, Paul Hartson, Perry Stone


4th: Charlie Loughlin, Jerry Adams, Morley Adams, George Brushett

Mike Russell, Peter Coady and Bob Hoyles wait to tee off on Hole # 9.

Barry Stacey showing off his Masters Socks compliments of Peter Coady.

Mike Russell hits to the green on Hole # 1.

Sam Warren waiting to tee off on Hole # 17.

L to R: Ches Cribb, Ray Warren, Barb Cribb, John Cribb

Peter Coady and Mike Russell watch as Bob Hoyles hits to the green on Hole #4.

Perry Stone tees off on Hole # 10 as his teammates look on.

Bob Hoyles and Frank Hodder exchange greetings at the end of the round. Carl Brown looks on.

Golfers relaxing after a great round of golf.

The back patio was buzzing today.

Tom Eastman tries his hand at the putting contest while Edmund Antle and John Cribb watch.

Junior golfers Heather Drake and Eric Evans relax after the round.

Keith Roberts enjoying a burger! "Ain't no Big Mac," he says!

Paul Hartson delivers the winning shot in the playoff for third place.

Timothy Walters takes a practice swing before his shot in the playoff round.

Matthew Hackett delivers his shot to the green in the playoff for 3rd place.


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