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Tuesday, March 23 2021 - Jerry Adams RIP

Jerry Adams

1946 – 2021




Grande Meadows lost a dear friend and supporter on March 12 with the passing of one of our founding members, Jerry Adams. Jerry joined the club once it opened in 1995 and enjoyed coming to the course with his friends to enjoy some friendly competition. Jerry would be happy to golf with anyone but he enjoyed the past few years mostly accompanied by his friends Morley Adams, George Brushett and Charlie Loughlin.




Jerry was such a nice gentle man who always had that great smile for you. As well he was very humorous too. He reached out to me several times since Cheryl passed away and always had a kind word. You knew he was sincere too. I really think the golf was secondary to him to spending time in the company of friends.


Jerry came to the weekly Men's Night for many years and enjoyed playing with different people each week. At the year end finale of Men's Night in 2013 Jerry was the winner of the Norm Croucher Award which is voted on by the Men's Night players and given to the person who most personifies what golf should be all about – fun and enjoyment. Jerry certainly did that during his years at Grande Meadows.


In the past few years Jerry battled with cancer and he hated to miss golfing with his friends. He kept his membership until his body could no longer take it. Even then he wrote GM General Manager Bill Lee a note apologizing for having to give up his membership as he wasn't able to play anymore. What a gentleman!


According to his friend George Brushett, “Jerry was always there for the fun of it.” George says if you went to the wrong tee box he was hoping you would hit before someone in the group told you. After you hit he took enjoyment in telling you that you hit from the wrong tee box. George also related that he and Morley would often take Jerry and Charlie on in a little competitive game during their round. One day after hitting a nice tee shot on Hole #4, George hit his next shot in the pond. Being a little bit annoyed at himself he turned around to see Jerry giving the “thumbs up” sign to Charlie. It was all in good fun though as he loved to see people making good shots during their round.



I am sure that Jerry has already joined up for a round of golf with Ray Warren and Ivan Paul to share a few yarns.




Condolences to his wife Shirley and his extended family during this difficult time. You all can be reassured that he has many friends at Grande Meadows and will be remembered by us all.

Rest in Peace Jerry.


Barry Stacey

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