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By: Barry Stacey

Grande Meadows lost a very good friend with the passing of Kevin Carvery on Friday April 16. Kevin was a member of Grande Meadows Golf Course for many years and was a fixture around many course events especially Men’s Nights and tournaments.

I first met Kevin a long time ago while he worked at South Coast Printers and I would go in looking for something printed for one of the sports groups I was involved with. Of course you first met Gayanne and once you explained what you needed done sometimes she would have to bring Kevin out to see if it was possible. He was a really nice person who was always eager to help out and make a suggestion.

I got to know Kevin much better when he became a member of Grande Meadows Golf Course and over the ensuing years of playing golf with him and socializing at the course I am proud to call Kevin a good personal friend.

I think God put Kevin on this earth to make people smile and laugh. He certainly did that for all of us at Grande Meadows Golf Course. Whether he was regaling us with stories of him growing up in the Halifax area or telling us tales of his fishing exploits in Florida or in the back country of Newfoundland with his brother-in-law Jim Wiscombe, he always had an audience. He never had any tall fishing tales as he made no bones about the fact that he wasn’t a very good fisherman. However, I know that the odd time he would get lucky as I was the recipient of one of his beautiful wild Atlantic salmon. And Jim he wouldn’t tell which ponds you guys fished when you flew in the back country even if you didn’t catch any fish. His lips were sealed in that regard.

As a golfer Kevin loved to play Men’s Night and in tournaments. In fact he fell in love with the Annual Grande Meadows Invitational golf tournament and played it for the last 11 years in a row. He wouldn’t miss it for anything. Sometimes he complained a little of a sore arm or shoulder or a bad knee but we would just kid him that he was making excuses. Sometimes he would come with different tapes on his hands or arms to help him manage.

When playing golf with Kevin you never knew what to expect because something different would happen every round. He could shoot the lights out with a 39 on the front 9 and then shoot a 61 on the back 9. Some days he couldn’t miss while others he couldn’t hit. But he took it all in stride – he never complained – he just laughed it off!

His long time playing buddy John Bugden remembers that Kevin rarely took a drop if he hit his tee shot in the hazard somewhere. If he could see the ball he was going to try and hit it back to the fairway.

Playing buddy Edmund Antle remembers Kevin always try to cut, fade or draw the ball. He was famous for hitting the driver off the deck as well as attempting the Phil Mickelson flop shot which ordinarily would turn out to be a bad idea. However, Edmund do remember the shot Kevin made for eagle on Hole #2 where he can be seen in the photo to the left retrieving his ball from the hole. The photo was taken by Chad Antle who was playing with Kevin, John and Edmund that day 5 years ago.

He had this old club he called his “mashie” which he would hit sometimes and he could hit it well. But every year it was a different color – he would paint it over the winter in whatever color of paint was available and proudly show off his “old mashie” come spring.

There is an old saying “When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.” That saying certainly reflects how the gang at the golf course feel about Kevin. He was loved by all of us and we have many great memories of him that we will treasure forever. I’m sure we will relate those memories of Kevin during our Men’s Nights and tournaments for years to come and he will be forever in our hearts. He may be gone but he won’t be forgotten. 

I’m sure Kevin has already gotten together with Jerry Adams and they are holding court while making others smile in a much happier place without any suffering.

On behalf of the membership at Grande Meadows Golf Course I extend sincerest condolences to Kevin’s wife Gayanne, his sons Blake and Logan as well as Kevin’s extended family. God Bless you all during this difficult time.

Rest in Peace Kevin!

*Below are some photos of Kevin taken around the golf course the past few years! You can see from the photos that he certainly enjoyed himself! Just click each smaill icon to see the bigger photo.

Post Author: William Short