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The Physical Activity Tax Credit provides a refundable tax credit up to $2,000 per family. This credit is an incentive for families as they look to access sport and recreational activities. It also holds the added benefit of supporting the local health and wellness industry.

At the moment the Grande Meadows Golf Course server is down and in for repairs. As a result we aren’t able to send receipts to members requiring them for income tax purposes. Below is a table of the funds paid last year which should prove as a guide for our members. If you need a receipt once we get things running again at the course please just let us know and one will be provided.

Thank you for your patience in this regard.

In the meantime below is a link to the Government of NL website explaining the Physical Activity Tax Credit.

Membership StatusFeeHSTTotal
2Adult + RCGA$674.28$101.14$775.42
3New Membership$520.00$78.00$598.00
4Youth (Age 18-24)$420.00$63.00$483.00
6Junior Golf 10-17$234.60$35.19$269.79
7Future Links$55.00$8.25$63.25

Post Author: Barry Stacey