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Grande Meadows Golf Course lost an icon on Monday June 20 with the passing of Sam Myles at the age of 94. Although Sam was never a member of Grande Meadows Golf Course or never golfed he was a big part of Grande Meadows for sure. Many a member here would buy golf balls from Sam who has been around the golf course collecting golf balls since it’s opening in 1995.

He would have large boxes of balls in his little shed and would invite you in to pick out your own brand. New or old golf balls were the same price – it didn’t matter to Sam.

At first he moved around the course finding balls in among the trees and in the bog. He set up a little stand in front of his house in Frenchman’s Cove selling balls for $4.00 per dozen. On the side of the road he would leave some balls along with some plastic bags and a bowl to hold the money. He was a very trustworthy gentleman and trusted everybody would do the right thing.

As time went on he had a little punt which he would row up around the outskirts of hole’s 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 where he would scoop up the wayward golf balls which found their way into the Frenchman’s Cove Barasway.

For a while when he was younger he designed a little net similar to the trawl towed behind a dragger to collect golf balls from the littles ponds around the course. He used that little contraption for a few years until it became too difficult to tow along the rocky bottom.

Sam loved to have a chat and he would spin you a yarn about his days dragger fishing on the Grand Banks. Once he knew who you were he would never forget you. I told him one time that my wife Gladys’s grandmother was Margaret Myles from Frenchman’s Cove. Sam never forgot that and every time I stopped to chat with him he would always ask how Annie was doing.

Sam – thank you for you bringing your special charm to Grande Meadows Golf Course for many years. We will miss seeing you out for your little drive around the Cove and your friendly wave.

Condolences to Sam’s wife Mary, his children and all his extended family.

Rest in peace Mr. Sam!

This photo was taken in July of 2020 just off the shore from Hole #6. His son, Rennie rowed the boat up to the cove for his father so he could ply his trade.

Not sure of the date this photo was taken but Sam had rowed his little boat up to this area of Hole # 6 where he would get up to 100 balls on a good day. You can notice his little dip net on the rear of the boat.

Post Author: Barry Stacey