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Elimination Rounds Schedule

Below are the 4 groups of players for this year’s Match Play Tournament

Group 1
Bob Banfield
Eric Evans
Matthew Hackett
James Mitchell
Mitchell over Banfield 5 & 4
Banfield over Evans 1 UP
Hackett over Banfield 2 & 1

Group 2
John Bugden
Calvin Brenton
Glenn Picco
Mike Russell
Brenton over Bugden 3 & 2
Brenton over Picco 2 UP
Russell over Picco 2 & 1
Bugden over Russell 3 & 2
Russell over Picco 2 & 1
Group 3
Eric Ayers
Mike Blagdon
Paul Hartson
Kevin Power
Blagdon over Power 20th Hole
Hartson over Power 21st Hole

Group 4
Bob Hoyles
Brad Russell
Barry Stacey
Perry Stone
Stone over Russell 7 & 6
Stacey over Russell 1 UP
Stacey over Hoyles 1 UP
Stone over Stacey 19th Hole
Stone over Hoyles 6 & 5
Hoyles over Russell 4 & 3

Men’s Match Play Conditions

  • Round 1 will consist of a round robin tournament within each group and must be completed no later than Aug 7th.
  • Round 2 matches must be completed by Aug 21st, Round 3 matches must be completed by Sept 4th.
  • Finals match must be completed by Sept 18th.
  • Matches that are not completed by the end of the designated day will result in a loss for both players.
  • Top two players in each group advance to the 2nd Round.
  • Registration fee of $20 must be paid prior to your first match (cash only).
  • Players mus verify handicaps prior to the start of each match and record results immediately after.
  • All matches must determine a winner by playing extra holes if necessary.

Extra Hole Playoffs

  • If a match finishes all square and goes into extra holes, then strokes must be given according to the scorecard.
  • If two or more players have identical records in Round 1 the tiebreaker will be the head to head record, followed by the lowest score on the Back 9 of the last match played etc so please keep your score and submit signed cards.

All other rules of golf apply

Post Author: Barry Stacey