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Photos of some deceased members on memory table at the clubhouse.

71 golfers comprising 16 teams teed off in ideal weather conditions on Saturday afternoon in the first of what is hoped to become an annual golf tournament in memory of our golfers who have passed away. Many family members of deceased golfers turned out for the event and enjoyed some memories of their loved ones as well as some music.

The youngest golfer taking part in the event was 11 year old Jackson Boland the great nephew of deceased member Ivan Paul. Ivan loved golf and playing Grande Meadows. Jackson is following in his great uncle’s footsteps as he is a Junior Golf member at Clovelly Golf Club in St. John’s and has already won some golf awards. Jackson along with his grandmother, Brenda Inkpen, Ivan’s niece made a $300 donation in Ivan’s memory to Grande Meadows Junior Golf.

L to R: Cathy Inkpen, Beverly Inkpen, Brenda Inkpen, Jackson Boland present the donation to Barry Stacey on behalf of Grande Meadows.

Below are links to 3 files related to our deceased members. The first link is to a little article of memories of our deceased members written by Barry Stacey while the other 2 links are to lists of our deceased members as well as deceased golfers who had played in the Grande Meadows Invitational Golf Tournament over the past 25 years. There may be some omissions from the list so if you are aware of a deceased person who we have missed could you email the name along to Barry Stacey at We will update the lists. Thank you.

Memories of Deceased Members

Deceased Grande Meadows Members

Deceased Grande Meadows Invitational Golfers

2nd Place Winners – L to R: Front: Alex MacBeath, Genny McCarthy, Mary McCarthy – Back – Vic Lundrigan, Jeannette Lundrigan

Team #11 and Team #3 tied for 1st place with scores of 30 but Team #11 consisting of Jordan Baird, Gus Keating, Trevor Keating, James Mitchell and Perry Stone won out by countback over Team #3 made up of deceased member Don MacBeath’s family including Don’s wife, Mary McCarthy, son Alex as well as in-laws Jeannette Lundrigan, Vic Lundrigan and Genny McCarthy.

3rd and 4th places were also determined by tie-breaker with Team #13 made up of Lacey Cribb, Ches Cribb, Joe Drake and Barry Stacey taking 3rd spot to Team #4 consisting of John Bugden, Dave Caines, Keith Howse, Dave Kenway and Tim Walters. Both teams had scores of 31.

On course prizes of Closest-to-the-pin was won by Frank Haskell on Hole #3 and Al Lewis on Hole #5. The ticket draw for the golf bag was won by Noel Doyle.

Kudos must go out to Tournament Chairperson Eric Ayers who worked so hard to get this tournament off the ground and in the end was felled by Covid the day before the event. Thank you very much Eric and we look for all your hard work. As well thank you to the other members of the tournament committee for their dedication and hard work.

Below are the scores for all teams participating along with handicaps. Teams #1 and #4 didn’t turn in a card but we found out that team #4 was -2. We used Don MacBeath’s scoring method : Handicap: take 3 highest holes – take number of strokes over par – mulitiply by 3 to give handicap. As you can see there were only 3 bogies for the day along with 1 eagle by Team #4 on Hole #8.

1No Card

Memorial 9 Hole Best Ball Golf Tournament

Saturday August 20, 2022

Shotgun Start at 2:00pm

Starting Holes for All Golfers Below

Hole 1A
Team # 4
Dave Caines
John Bugden
Tim Walters
Keith Howse
Dave Kenway
Hole 1B
Team # 13
Ches Cribb
Lacey Cribb
Joe Drake
Barry Stacey

Hole 2A
Team # 1
Bryan Holley
Dennis Holley
Gregory Holley
Steven Holley

Hole 2B
Team # 2
Eric Evans
Edward Farrell
Patrick Farrell
Curtis Cheeseman
Jarrett Walters
Hole 3A
Team # 3
Genny McCarthy
Jeannette Lundrigan
Vic Lundrigan
Alex MacBeath
Mary McCarthy

Hole 4A
Team # 5
Morley Adams
George Brushett
Randell Evans
Charlie Loughlin
Hole 4B
Team # 6
Carl Brown
Ben Grandy
Bill Lee
Glenn Price
Hole 5A
Team # 7
Bern Dumaresque
Art Cluett
Tom Riley

Hole 5B
Team # 8
Judy Drake
Noel Doyle
Paul Lambe
Dominic Lundrigan
Rita Lundrigan
Hole 6A
Team # 9
Mike Blagdon
Tracy Blagdon
Marilyn McCarthy
Stan McCarthy
Brad Russell
Hole 6B
Team # 10
Bill Buffett
Geoff Buffett
Glenn Forsey
Roy Hillier

Hole 7A
Team # 11
Jordan Baird
Gus Keating
Trevor Keating
James Mitchell
Perry Stone

Hole 8A
Team # 12
Jackson Boland
Sam Cleal
Frank Haskell
Bill Hodder
Frank Hodder
Hole 8B
Team # 14
Jackson Appleby
Evan Mullett
Noah Ryan
Ethan Walsh

Hole 9A
Team # 15
Bob Brenton
Violet Brenton
Al Lewis
Jeff Burke
Dan Walsh
Hole 9B
Team # 16
Glen Tobin
Linda Tobin
Deon Walsh
Ray Walsh

Grand Meadows will be hosting a golf tournament on Saturday August 20, 2022 to honour and pay tribute to deceased members.

  • 9-hole best ball tournament.
  • Play will commence at 2:00 p. m. with shotgun start.
  • Register your team by calling Grande Meadows (709-826-2600) or by contacting Eric Ayers:   email –   or phone. –  709-682-1258. 
  • Maximum of 16 teams so register early.
  • Registration Fee:   $10.00 for member and $15.00 for non-members.
  • Entertainment by Chris Caines from 3:30 – 6:00 pm.

Friends and relatives who are not golfing are welcome to drop by the clubhouse. Relatives of past members are encouraged to bring along a photo of their loved one to display on a table at the golf course during the day.

Post Author: Barry Stacey