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Bernie Halloran

Bernie Halloran was a great friend and supporter of the Grande Meadows Golf Course, even though he was never a member of the course.

Bernie came to our 1st Grande Meadows Invitational Golf Tournament in 1998. Since it was played on the Father’s Day weekend, in the first couple of years he brought along his sons Jason & then Darren in the second year. Since 1998, Bernie and Jason played in 20 of the 25 invitational tournaments. He only missed 2 tournaments in the last 13 years, while battling his cancer issues.

Bernie not only became friends with fellow golfing participants, but took the time to get to know the inside and outside staff at Grande Meadows. They all had the utmost respect for Bernie and always looked forward to seeing him in June of each year. This was Bernie…no matter who you were or what you did, rich or poor, young or old, once he met you, he was your friend for life.

He was always a great promoter of our tournament and over the years brought along many of his friends to participate in the tournament. Bernie was a great sportsman and it didn’t matter if he won a golf prize or not. He just enjoyed being around people and making them feel good. I can honestly say that Bernie Halloran was a big reason for the success of the Annual Grande Meadows Invitational Golf Tournament.

After golfing each day of the tournament, he would take out his guitar and entertain us with his many songs of Johnny Cash, Neil Diamond, etc. and some of his self-written songs. He would always enjoy having his golfing buddies “attempting” to sing along. There were backup guitar players who would occasionally give him a break, but Bernie was always the star of the show. He was a great entertainer and musician. He could get a feel of the room and play music to suit the atmosphere in the room.

On a personal note, around the time frame Bernie was diagnosed with cancer so was my daughter Cheryl. As evidence of his kind and caring manner, during the years of my daughters sickness, Bernie would always take the time and frequently inquire as to how she was doing. He would always have a kind word for me every year when he came to our Invitational Golf Tournament. Each year, when I first saw him he wasn’t satisfied with a handshake – he wanted a hug – “show some love Barry” he would say.

I have had the privilege of playing golf with Bernie many times over the years. It was an honor and pleasure to golf with Bernie and he was always very encouraging to his fellow golfers …. except his good friends Carl & Edgar Hill and Wayne Gray?.😂😂

There is a old saying that “When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure.” The people at Grande Meadows have many wonderful memories of Bernie, as do many people throughout Newfoundland and Labrador. Recently, various news media outlets have documented tributes to Bernie and people throughout the Province are talking about Bernie…Why you Ask? It’s a reward for a life well-lived.

Condolence’s to Bernie’s family at this time from all his friends at Grande Meadows Golf Course. Treasure the beautiful memories you have of the wonderful husband, father, grandfather, brother and friend that Bernie was.

The people of Grande Meadows have lost a great friend and a wonderful human being. Rest in Peace, Dear Friend.

Barry Stacey

P. S. To reinforce how Bernie felt about Grande Meadows I relate to you the following little story. In June 2014 when the St. John’s Ice Caps were competing in the finals for the AHL Calder Cup Championship Trophy Bernie got a phone call from his good friend Danny Williams. The final series was tied at a game apiece with the next games being played in Texas. Danny told Bernie there was a seat for him on the plane to see the games in Texas – all expenses paid. Bernie’s reply was, “Thanks Danny I appreciate it but I am going to the Grande Meadows Invitational.”

Post Author: Barry Stacey