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Thursday June 1, 2023

Game & Rules: Net Scores

  • Players are reminded to book their own tee times beginning at 4:00pm Thursday June 1.
  • Players will tee off from the red or white tees while playing their own ball and keeping their own scores. At the end of the round their handicap will be subtracted from their gross score to get their net score.
  • The four players with the lowest net scores will be the winners. Ties for 4th place will be broken by retrogression from hole #9.
  • Players must have an official RCGA handicap for net scores.
  • Regular games such as skins, deuce pot, 50/50 will be in play along with the following on course prizes:
    1. Hole #1 – Closest to the Pin Second Shot sponsored by JG Financial Services
    2. Hole #2 – Closest to the white line sponsored by Hooper’s Construction
    3. Hole #3 – Closest to the pin sponsored by Castle Building Supplies
    4. Hole #5 – Closest to the pin third shot sponsored by Brenton Industrial
    5. Hole #7 – Closest to the pin sponsored by Pike’s Ace Building Center
    6. Hole #9 – Closest to the pin second shot sponsored by OK Tire
  • 2 for 1 Molson product each Men’s Night
  • The kitchen will be open for those who would like a lunch before golfing.
  • Come out and enjoy the fun as well as the golf!!!! See you there!

Weekly Winners

Click the link below to check out the winners each night.

Thursday June 1, 2023

Thursday May 25, 2023 – Cancelled Due to weather.

Thursday May 18, 2023

Next Week: Thursday May 25, 2023 – Details below.

Points – High-Low

  • Points – Players will play their own ball from the forward (red/yellow) or (white/blue) tees – whichever set you normally play.
  • Each player will be permitted 2 mulligans to be used at any time during the round.
  • Points awarded as follows:
  • Double bogey – 1 point
  • Bogey – 2 points
  • Par – 3 points
  • Birdie – 4 points
  • Eagle – 5 points
  • IMPORTANT: Golfers are asked to book their tee time with the clubhouse beginning at 4:00pm on Thursday May 25. Players are asked to keep their own score on a half scorecard.
  • Scorecards will be drawn at the conclusion of play with the 2 players with the highest point total and the 2 with the lowest point total being declared the winners.
  • Players are reminded that skins, 50/50 and the deuce pot are in play tonight.
  • The following oncourse prizes are up tonight: Closest-to-the-pin second shot on Hole #1 sponsored by JG Financial Services, Hole #2 Closest-to-the-line sponsored by Hooper’s Construction, Closest-to-the-pin Hole #3 sponsored by Castle Building Supplies, Closest-to-the-pin Hole #7 sponsored by Pike’s Ace Building Centre and Closest-to-the-pin second shot on Hole #9 sponsored by OK Tire Ltd.
  • IMPORTANT: Please note there will be an update on the kitchen later in the week.

Opening Night Thursday May 18

Game & Rules: High Low

  • Players are reminded to book their own tee times beginning at 4:00pm Thursday May 18
  • Registration $10.00 per night.
  • Please check with the registration desk before beginning their round.
  • Don’t forget to drop your scorecards on the desk when you’re finished the round.
  • All players will play from their normal front 9 tees (Red or White) and players will play their own ball.
  • Each player will be allowed 2 mulligans on the 9 holes.
  • Scorecards will be paired up at the end of the round with the 2 players with the highest & lowest combined scores being declared the winners.
  • On course prizes:
  • Hole #1 Closest-to-the-Pin Second shot: $25.00 GM gift card compliments of JG Financial Services
  • Hole #2 Closest-to-the-line: sponsored by Hooper’s Construction Services Ltd. – $25.00 gift card.
  • Hole #3 Closest-to-the-Pin: sponsored by Castle Building Supplies – $25.00 gift card.
  • Hole #7 Closest-to-the-Pin: sponsored by Pike’s Ace Building Centre – $25.00 gift card.
  • Hole #9 Closest-to-the-pin second shot: sponsored by OK Tire – $25.00 gift card.
  • Deuce Pot – no saw offs – anybody who scores a 2 on any hole will be in the prizes
  • Skins are in play tonight as well – total based on players. If not won pot will carry over to next week.
  • 50/50 Draw – Based on number of players
  • 2 for 1 Molson Product for each participant.

Starting Thursday May 18

The Men’s Night Committee would like to welcome everyone back for the 2023 Men’s Night Golf Season. The 2022 Men’s Night was the most successful in our history with an average of around 40 players participating each Thursday evening.

At the end of last season an email was sent to all participants thanking you all for your participation and asking you for any suggestions that you may have which would add to our program. We received 3 suggestions which we have implemented into our 2023 schedule below. One suggestions was to have a one club plus a putter evening as well as a Par 3 night where all holes would be made into Par 3’s. The third suggestion was to have a mid-season finale to mirror the year end finale. That mid season or Semi-Finale as we called it is scheduled for Saturday July 29. Details will come later.

As well we have left 2 Thursday evenings – June 22 and August 31 – open right now which could be used to reschedule a rain out night or to include some other idea for a game that may come up.

This year again a big thank you goes out to Albert Pike and Pike’s Ace Building Centre for coming back as a sponsor on Hole #7. As well Castle Building Supplies from Marystown, JP Financial Services of Marystown, OK Tire of Salt Pond and Hooper’s Construction Services of Burin have come onboard as sponsors for this season. A big thank you to Derek Fudge of Castle Building Supplies, Jamie Gair of JG Financial Services, Wade Bennett of OK Tire and Wyatt Hooper of Hooper’s Construction Services – we thank you for your support.

The fee for this year is $10 each evening with a 50-50 draw, deuce pot, skins as well as prize winners for scores. The prizes will be added to your account for use at the clubhouse.

Just a note that our sponsor prizes will be used for on course prizes including Closest-to-the-pin prizes on Holes #3 & #7,  or some other such contest as closest-to-the-pin second shot, closest to the line, etc. Each participating golfer will be eligible for only 1(one) of these on-course prizes each evening.

As well each Thursday evening there will be a 2 for 1 Molson product available to each participating player.

We endeavor to put together a fun evening for our members to socialize while playing a fun game of golf. As well the evening is a great help to Grande Meadows in achieving financial success. Please feel free to pass along any ideas or suggestions to any member of the committee listed below.

We will endeavor to post the names of the winners on the Grande Meadows website by Friday morning each week. The game and notes for each Thursday night will be posted to the website by Monday or Tuesday prior to Men’s Night.

Thank you all for your support during 2022 and we look forward to seeing your all out each Thursday evening this year.

Men’s Night Committee

Edmund Antle

John Bugden

Ches Cribb

Bob Hoyles

Barry Stacey

1ThursdayMay 18High Low
2ThursdayMay 25Points
3ThursdayJune 1Low Net
4ThursdayJune 8Best Ball
5ThursdayJune 15High Low
6ThursdayJune 22Open Night
7ThursdayJune 29Points
8ThursdayJuly 6One Club
9ThursdayJuly 13Best Ball
10ThursdayJuly 20High Low
11ThursdayJuly 27Low Net
12SaturdayJuly 29Semi-Finale
13ThursdayAugust 3Points
14ThursdayAugust 10Best Ball
15ThursdayAugust 17Par 3 Night
16ThursdayAugust 24High Low
17ThursdayAugust 31Open Night
18ThursdaySeptember 7Low Net
19ThursdaySeptember 14Best Ball
20ThursdaySeptember 21High Low
21SaturdaySeptember 23Finale
22SundaySeptember 24If Necessary
23SaturdaySeptember 30If Necessary

Post Author: Barry Stacey