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Sunday, May 17 2009 - Junior Golf Registration

There will be Open Registration from now until June 17,2009 on a first come first serve basis for Junior Golfers. However, 2008 juniors will be given first priority.  Please call the clubhouse at 826-2600 for details.

Click here to print the Registration Form for 2009 Junior Golf.

Tuesday, May 5 2009 - First Look at New Tees by Barry Stacey

Tuesday May 5, 2009

Today I played my first round at Grande Meadows for the 2009 season.  I was very impressed with the work that has been done on the 5 new tee boxes that will be ready for golfers in July.  These new tee decks will give all golfers something to look forward to this summer.  As well they will provide a little more challenge especially holes to go along with a different look.  A lot of work has already been done to improve the wooded areas with a lot of the dead wood cut down giving the new trees a chance to grow.  All the bunkers have been done and the edges have been with sand added to go along with making all the edges sharper.  Golfers will have to be careful and stay away from the edges of the bunkers.  There will be lots of nasty lies there this summer. Overall condition of the course is excellent and with a little more warm weather we should be playing in mid summer conditions by the end of May.

Here is my first impressions of the new tee decks as well as a few photos.  Just click the thumbnail for the bigger picture.

Hole # 2

The new tee deck here makes the hole approximately 20 yards longer so on windy days here golfers will be faces with a longer shot to the green which will make this easier of the par 4's a little more difficult.

Hole # 3

The new tee deck on this hole is placed back into the woods making this hole play about 165 yards which will add another iron or two plus maybe a wood into this green as the prevailing wind is usually in the golfers face.  An easy par three all of a sudden will get much more difficult. 

Hole # 4

Wow! The new tee deck here gives this hole a very different look beginning with about 150 yard carry over bog which narrows the look at the fairway making it much more difficult on the right handed golfer with a bit of a slice.  The hole isn't much longer but will make hole #4 more difficult this time around.  The above 3 photos will give you a look at the hole from behind the new tee deck as well as a look back at the tee from the fairway giving you an idea of where the new tee deck is placed.  There is also a photo taken looking out from the present tee deck.

Hole # 7

Hole number 7 will now give the golfer a right to left shot as the new tee deck is placed about 20 yards to the right of the present tee deck.  With the prevailing wind usually right down the gut here, with the new tee deck the golfer will now be facing a drive which will head toward the bunker so there will be some adjustment to make compared to the present tee deck.  The photos above show the hole as it looks from behind the new tee deck and from in front of the present tee deck. 

Hole # 8

The new tee deck on Hole #8 will make this drive much more difficult for left handed golfers with a slice as the new look makes the hole dogleg to the right near the bunkers.  As well it will take the driver out of the hands of most golfers as now the bunkers and water will be more in play if one hits the ball real well.  However, for those who like to take chances there is a small chance of reward and perhaps a shot at the green in two.  However, as one can see from the photo on the right above once you get into your approach to the green you have to be careful as the right hand greenside bunker has now been take away and replaced by a pond which is about twice as large.  It looks like this hole will devour its share of golf balls this summer.   The changes to this hole will make it a different challenge for all golfers.

Overall Opinion

I am very impressed with the changes that have been made and from speaking to other golfers it seems that is the general feeling. It has been a long time coming.  Congratulations go out to Bill Lee, Course Superintendent, and the Board for getting this project underway.  As well the outside workers and project workers are to be commended for the great job done in getting the course ready for the golfing season. 

Have a great summer of golf!

Friday, May 1 2009 - Course Opening 2009

Grande Meadows Golf Course will open for members on Saturday May 2 following the same procedure as last fall with the course opening to the public on Wednesday May 6.  Call the clubhouse at 826-2600 for tee times.


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