Course Records

Current Course Record
Matthew HackettGrande Meadows
Frenchman’s Cove, NL
2016 Men’s Invitational70
Jason HillBally Haly
St. John’s. NL
2014 Men’s Invitational70
Second Best Score in Competition
Bill MorrisseyPitcher’s Pond
Whiteway, NL
2009 Men’s Invitational71
Stewart HartsonAlberta2017 Burin Peninsula Open71
Previous Course Record
Glen BurkeHarmon Seaside Links
Stephenville, NL
1998 Men’s Invitational71


YearMens’ ChampionLadies’ ChampionMatch Play ChampionInvitational ChampionBP Open Champion
2020Sam WarrenTracy BlagdonBarry StaceyMatthew Hackett
Matthew Hackett (M)
Rachel Day (L)
2019Matthew HackettJudy DrakeBill BuffettMatthew Hackett
Perry Stone (M)
Debbie Kenway (L)
2018Mike RussellJudy DrakeGary SmithPerry Stone
Ray Walsh (M)
Judy Drake (L)
2017Matthew HackettDebbie KenwayEric AyersSam Warren
Stewart Hartson (M)
Debbie Kenway (L)
2016Matthew HackettDenisine NolanBob HoylesMatthew Hackett (GM)Joe Drake (M)
Judy Drake (L)
2015Sam WarrenJennifer MoultonNot ContestedMatthew Hackett (GM)Perry Stone (M)
Deanna Moulton (L)
2014Perry StoneJudy DrakeEdmund Antle
(A Div.)
Ches Cribb
(B Div)
Perry Stone
Perry Stone (M)
Judy Drake (L)
2013Matthew HackettJudy DrakeBarry StaceyDave Wall
Barry Stacey (M)
Judy Drake (L)
2012Ray WalshJudy DrakeChad Antle
(A Div.)
Peter Coady
(B. Div.)
Ray Walsh
Barry Stacey (M)
Judy Drake (L)
2011Barry StaceyBetty WalshBob BanfieldTom Curran
Bob Hoyles (M)
Judy Drake (L)
2010Justin CluettJudy DrakeClayton WelshDon Boland
Joe Drake
2009Mike RussellShelley MoultonBob HoylesBob Faulkner
Keith Roberts
2008Barry StaceyShelley MoultonGerard CookeColin Budgell
Mike Russell
2007Barry StaceyLacey CribbBob HoylesDave Roberts
2006Tony WaltersBrenda FoleyBrenda FoleyOwen McCarthy
2005Tony WaltersBrenda FoleyClinton GrandyBob Faulkner
2004Justin CluettLacey CribbBarry StaceyJason Hill
2003Perry StoneBrenda FoleyFrank BlagdonJason Hill
2002Harold CribbJudy DrakeFrank BlagdonJason Hill
2001Perry StoneJudy DrakeBarry StaceyJason Hill
2000Bill BuffettBrenda FoleyRobert BanfieldJason Hill
1999Robert ForbesBrenda FoleyPeter CoadyJason Hill
1998Keith RobertsBrenda FoleyGlen PiccoGlen Burke
1997Bill BuffettBrenda FoleyMary McCarthy
1996Keith RobertsMary McCarthy
1995Reg HillierBrenda Foley

Hole in Ones

Hole 3

July 31, 2020Brenda Douglas
July 4, 2020Bill Hanrahan
August 21, 2019Susan Gallant
June 17, 2019Vince Baker
August 17, 2017Eric Evans
August 18, 2016Bill Hodder
July 16, 2015Jamie Warren
June 30, 2015Bob Banfield  
(4th to ace both Par 3’s)
May 22, 2015Bill Waechter
August 28, 2014Kevin Baker
May 31, 2013Michael Russell
October 12, 2012Michael Russell
September 15, 2012Nicholas Dorey
September 6, 2012Bob Hoyles
August 3, 2012Ches Kenway
September 1, 2011Denisine Nolan
August 21, 2011Carl Green
July 9, 2011*Sam Cleal
(3rd to Ace both Par 3’s)
May 27, 2010Andrew Kelloway
October 18, 2008*Wayne Butler
(2nd to Ace both Par 3’s)
September 21, 2008Leo Loder
September 14, 2008Tom Eastman
September 18, 2007Randy Stacey
August 18, 2007Don Walsh
September 12, 2006Tony Etchegary
August 14, 2006Albert Snook
May 28, 2006Jeff Burke
August 12, 2005Stuart Fleming
July 30, 2005Ernest Stanley
July 24, 2004Sandy Moulton
July 11, 2004Ray Walsh
May 22, 2004Steve Browne
September 28, 2003Leo Lane
July 2, 2003Ray Etchegary
September 8, 2002Danny Fitzpatrick
May 23, 2002Joe Drake
May 18, 2002*
Kelly Hogan
(1st Lady)
September 17, 2001Derrick Moulton
September 18, 2000Chris Buffett
August 24, 2000*Mike Stone
(1st to ace both Par 3’s)
August 21, 2000Wayne Boissoneau
May 14, 2000Phonse Cooper
June 29, 1999Hughie Gawley
August 28, 1998Jason Walsh
August 7, 1998Geoff Warren
May 26, 1998Gerard Bailey
September 1, 1997Pat Walsh
July 30, 1997Shawn Lake
September 9, 1996Hughie Farrell
August 16, 1996Mike Foley

Hole 7

August 8, 2020Roy Cluett
August 2, 2017*Bob Banfield  
(3rd Hole-in-one)
June 1, 2017*George Brushett  
(2nd ace on Hole #7)
August 24, 2015*Bob Banfield  
(4th to ace both Par 3’s)
September 11, 2014George Brushett
August 17, 2014Eric Grandy
October 18, 2013*Sam Cleal
(3rd Hole-in-one)
June 28, 2013Jim Farewell
May 22, 2012Dave Bungay
June 17, 2011Alex Hapgood
August 16, 2010Donnie Lambe
October 4, 2008*Wayne Butler
(2nd to ace both Par 3’s)
August 3, 2008Perry Stone
August 5, 2006*Sam Cleal
(3rd to ace both Par 3’s)
July 6, 2006Glen Price
May 13, 2006Tony Walters
July 2, 2003Frank Blagdon
June 22, 2002*Mike Stone
(1st to ace both Par 3’s)
August 12, 2001Frank Dober
May 16, 2001Steve Rogers
August 20, 1999Art Cluett
August 5, 1999Verno Loder
October 12, 1998Angus MacLeod
September 27, 1998Wilf Miller
September 13, 1996Willis May
June 10, 1996Eugene May