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Grande Meadows Golf Course Annual General Meeting

The Grande Meadows AGM was held on Tuesday February 22 at Hotel Marystown. There was a good turnout of members who were brought up to date on last season and as well were given some projections for the 2011 golf season.

Board Chairman, Jerry Pike, called the meeting to order, thanked everyone for coming out and then gave a general report on the happenings at Grande Meadows for the year 2010. Since the weather didn’t cooperate for the early part of the past season the course suffered as a result of that and ended up losing money for the season. As well the contract for the workers was up this year and union negotiations were to begin on Wednesday February 23.

Following Chairman Jerry’s remarks, there were various reports on the past season from other Board Members.

Tom Eastman reported on the Marketing and PR issues dealt with during 2010 while Shelley Moulton gave a report on the Junior Golf program which despite a small drop off in numbers was quite successful with Erin Lundrigan and Albert Anstey running the program.

Barry Stacey reported on the Tournament activity during 2010 which saw an increase in members playing in the Men’s Invitational, Burin Peninsula Open, the Annual 2 Person Better Ball and the Annual Club Championship. These tournaments were very successful as well and hopefully the upward trend in registration will continue in 2011.

Tina Hanrahan gave a report on the Kitchen which showed a small profit for the first time in 2010. Also our course hosted 2 weddings in 2010 which helped the kitchen in being able to make some money for the first time.

Finance Committee Chairman, Keith Roberts then presented his financial statement for 2010 which showed an overall deficit of approximately $17,000 for the year. The big drop here was in green fees with a drop of over $23,000 in 2010 from 2009. The main reason for the drop was the poor weather for a great part of the early summer. When Keith did his budget for 2011 it still showed a deficit of approximately $7,000. When hearing this some members discussed how we could go about getting some money which would try and eliminate the deficit. After some discussion it was decided that green fees for the 2011 golfing season would be raised by 5% instead of the normal 2% for this season only.

The meeting concluded with the election of Golf Captain and the Board of Directors for 2011. Perry Stone was elected Golf Captain again this year. As well the entire Board of Directors which were elected in 2010 were also elected for 2011. Board members for 2011 include Jerry Pike, Keith Roberts, Fred Douglas, Tom Eastman, Shelley Moulton, Tina Hanrahan and Frank Blagdon.

Post Author: William Short