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""Bob Banfield enjoyed a great summer on the course and became part of Grande Meadows history recently by becoming the fourth person to have a hole-in-one on both par 3's.

On June 30th while playing with George Brushett, Banfield used his 8 iron to ace the Par 3 3rd hole from 127 yards for his first ever hole-in-one. 


Then on August 24th while playing with Gary Smith, Banfield used a 5 iron to ace the Par 3 7th hole from 162 yards.

In doing so Banfield became the 4th person to have a hole-in-one on both Par 3's. Mike Stone was the first followed by Wayne Butler and then Sam Cleal.

His 2 hole-in-ones in just under 2 months makes Banfield the second person to score 2 aces in one golf season at Grande Meadows as Wayne Butler was the first to do so in 2 weeks back on Oct. 4 and October 18, 2008.


Post Author: William Short