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Tribute to Alex Hapgood

""Grande Meadows lost a great friend on Sunday August 28 with the passing of Alex Hapgood. Alex was one of the original 200 members of Grande Meadows and he took to the game right from the beginning. He loved coming out and playing with his friends every morning of the week. Even if the weather would deter many other people from playing, Alex and his friends would be there.

Alex love taking part in tournaments during the early years and played in 7 of the first 9 Grande Meadows Men's Invitationals. He also finished in the prizes in a couple of them but it was meeting people from other courses that kept him coming back.

As the years went by, he found that playing 18 holes a day, 2 days in a row a bit much so the cut back and would normally just take part in some best ball tournaments that were over in one day. However, from 2009 – 2012 Alex played the GM Club Championships and won the Low Net in C Division in both 2009 and 2012.

In the last few years he played his 9 holes everyday and stopped in after the game for a chat as well as a cup of tea. It was in those chats that Alex kept you entertained with his humour and good stories. He would always be sure to poke some fun at his fellow players and himself too.

Barry Stacey remembers a funny story which happened while he was playing 9 holes with Alex and his friend Jake Barnes a few years ago. Jake had a great tee shot on Hole # 6 but his shot to the green went left and appreard to go in the tall grass in the hazard to the left of the green. After much searching and no ball, Alex said, "Jake, did your ball have JB on it?" Jake replied, "Yes it did." Alex says, "Well bye it's right here." Barry had walked over that spot several times and couldn't believe he had missed seeing it until Alex explained. He said, "Jake will never give up on a ball if it goes in the hazard. So I just took one from his golf bag and dropped it there!" Jake conitnued with his third shot to the green. 

Alex was by the golf course nearly everyday it was open. If he wasn't playing that day because of the weather he would drop in for a chat with Kim, Bill or whomever was working that day. If Mulligan's was open, many a day he would have his lunch or dinner there.

On June 17, 2011 while playing with friends Jake Barnes and Ray Newport, Alex had every golfer's dream. He had a hole-in-one on the Par 3 Hole #7 at Grande Meadows. He was very proud of his accomplishment and it was on the CHCM. He designed his own little trophy with the golf ball that he used as a reminder of his feat.

Alex was a good golfer right us until his last games. Of course he wasn't as long off the tee but his shots were straight up the fairway. Around the green he was fairly consistent as well. He always kept his score and wouldn't take a stroke. His scores were consistently around 50 for 9 holes, sometimes a little higher and sometimes a little lower. But no matter the score he always enjoyed the game and the company.

Rest in peace, Alex. You will be missed.

Recent photo of Alex along with Art Cluett and Rachel Day, Art's granddaughter during the recent Cure for Cancer Tournament.


Post Author: William Short