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The following are a few candid photos I took throughout the 2021 season while playing golf with some friends. Thought you enjoy looking at those shots.

This photo was taken of a table at the Annual Grande Meadows Invitational where we had some photos to remember Jerry Adams, Kevin Carvery and Dave Brenton who passed away in March, April and May of this year. They were 3 great gentlemen and a pleasure with which to share a game of golf.

The following photo is of a bench and a plum tree placed on Hole #4 Tee Box in memory of long time Grande Meadows member Don MacBeath who passed away in 2020.

This photo shows 93 year old Sam Myles out fishing for a few balls in the cove off Hole #6. One of Sam’s sons rowed the boat to the cove where he let Sam take over. Sam has been fishing balls out of the water around the course since it opened. He was successful this particular day too as he said they were biting.

There is more than one way to fish balls out of the cove on Hole #6 as witnessed by this photo of Richard Kelly showing off one of his prize catches. By the way he caught his daily limit of 12 balls which before the end of the round he had donated back! Lol

Finally we were allowed to remove the flag from the hole to putt and Bob Hoyles wasted no time trying out putting with no flag on Hole #4. Alas, no improvement in the putting. 🙂 By the way that is Sam Cleal checking out the line of Bob’s putt.

This has never happened to a group I played in at Grande Meadows Golf Course. While golfing with brothers Frank, Dick and Bill Hanrahan one day all 4 of us were in the bunker on Hole #5. It was unusual watching all 4 of us hit the bunker in our approach to the green.

This photo shows Frank Hanrahan getting ready to hit his bunker shot. His brother Dick has already taken his shot while Bill looks on. Suffice to say that 2 of the 4 of us made an up and down. I think for us being 50% on bunker shots is pretty good. I won’t say who the lucky 2 were but you all know I am not a great bunker player. Ha! Ha! By the way it was a great round of golf playing with those 3 gentlemen.

The following photo shows another round in which I played with Ches Cribb, Bob Hoyles and Joe Drake. As you can see there are 3 balls in the bunker this time. Ches and Bob look on as Joe gets ready to play his shot. I will say that this time I didn’t make the bunker. And I will leave it up to you to check with Joe to see how he did on his nemisis of a hole.

Finally here is GM Golf Captain Mike Russell in a little trouble near the pond on Hole #4. Mike did manage to get the ball out of there without getting wet.

Post Author: Barry Stacey