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Longtime Grande Meadows Member

Wayne Dodge of Burin passed away on April 15 at his winter residence in Largo, Florida. Wayne was a loyal member of Grande Meadows Golf Course and a great supporter of Men’s Night throughout the past few years. Wayne’s smile and sense of humour was always at the forefront when he was at the golf course. The actual game itself seemed secondary to Wayne as he seemed to be more interested in the social aspect of the game. He loved playing with his regular golfing buddies, Charlie Loughlin, George Brushett and Morley Adams who will miss him dearly but he also enjoyed going out with different golfers during Men’s Night. Wayne was always on the clubhouse deck chatting it up with some of the many participating golfers while waiting for his tee time to come up. On the course he always loved seeing his fellow golfers hit good shots and he was always the first to congratulate them.

Many golfers at Grande Meadows have nightmares of Hole #5 as they tend to put up some big scores on that hole. Wayne’s playing buddy Charlie remembers Wayne always broke out his cigar on Hole #5 – probably to take his mind off the score. lol

These couple of attached photos I took of Wayne in 2021. I first saw him on the opening day at Grande Meadows on May 1 and he had this lovely beard through which you could still see his big smile. I asked him about the beard and he said he wasn’t getting rid of it until he got his second Covid vaccine shot. I then saw him in early July and the beard was gone so I took another photo of him smiling. We joked that we were going to use those photos to let people know that the vaccine really works.

I’m sure Wayne has already hooked up with his brother Cyril along with Ray Warren and Jerry Adams for a friendly round up there in the sky!

Condolences on behalf of all golfers at Grande Meadows go out to Wayne’s wife Daphne, his sons Tommy & Tim as well as his extended family.

Rest in peace Wayne!

Post Author: Barry Stacey