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Grande Meadows Captures 7th Straight Challenge



Grande Meadows proved to be too much again for the Bally team and finsihed the Friday competition with a 22.5 – 7.5 victory in the annual challenge which goes the day before the Annual Men's Invitational. Kudos go out to a great effort for the team from Bally Haly as it was their first time on the golf course this year. Because of the poor spring weather the Bally Haly Golf Course isn't open for golf as yet while Grande Meadows has been opened since May 1.

At the left Grande Meadows team captain Barry Stacey accepts the Challenge Trophy from Terry Hodder of Bally Haly.

40 golfers competed in the 7th Annual Challenge on Friday June 9 Grande Meadows.

The Challenge is played over 18 holes with the Front 9 consisting of 10 Four Ball Matches and the Back 9 made up of 20 Singles Matches. One point is awarded to the winning team in each of the Four Ball Matches and one point is awarded for a win in each of the Singles Matches. If a match is tied each team gets one half point. Overall 30 points are up for grabs with the winning team needing 15.5 points to get the victory.

This year for the first time Harold Porter and Butch Barron of Harmon Seaside Links in Stephenville took part and played with the Grande Meadows Team. Also competing with Grande Meadows were Derek Button of Torbay and former GM member Justin Cluett of Paradise as well as former Burin resident, Gus Keating who is visiting from British Columbia for the summer.

First time players for Bally Haly included Bill Morrissey, George Janes, Dave Roberts and GM member Richard Kelly who filled in for Cyril Abbott who was unavailable this year.

The Grande Meadows boys got off on the right foot by winning 7 of the 10 Four Ball Matches and then cruised to victory by picking up wins in 15 of the 20 singles matches while losing 4. One match was halved so each team picked up half a point. 

Grande Meadows Winning Team


Front Row: (L to R) Barry Stacey, Joe Drake

Back Row: (L to R) Bill Hanrahan, Vince Baker, Chad Antle, Justin Cluett, Harold Porter, Perry Stone, Derek Button, Gus Keating, John Bugden, Ches Cribb, Butch Barron, Bob Banfield

Missing from photo: Dick Hanrahan, Bob Hoyles, Mike Russell, Gary Smith, Sam Warren, Clayton Welsh

Check all the scores by clicking on Scoresheet below.  The winners of each match are shaded.



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Post Author: William Short