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New Contract For Grande Meadows Workers

""On Friday March 1 Linda Chafe, of United Food And Commercial Workers Canada, Local 1252 and Keith Howse, Vice-Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Grande Meadows Golf Course signed a new 3 year agreement with the outside & inside workers at Grande Meadows Golf Course.

The new agreement was negotiated on Thursday February 28 with Linda Chafe, Sandra Corbett, Peter Myles and Crystal Tibbo representing UFCW Local 1252 and the Chairperson Clayton Welsh and Vice-Chairperson Keith Howse of Grande Meadows Board of Directors representing Grande Meadows Golf Course.

Grande Meadows Finance Committee Chairperson John Bugden was on hand to sign the agreement for Grande Meadows as well.

Photo: L to R: Linda Chafe, UFCW Local 1252, Keith Howse Grande Meadows Board of Directors signing new agreement.

Both sides were very respectful of the other during negotiating proces and things were all clued up within that day. Grande Meadows Board members Barry Stacey, John Bugden and Eric Ayers were around on Thursday to lend an ear when advice was needed from our negotiators.


Group photo of Contract Signing

Sitting: L to R: Crystal Tibbo, Linda Chafe, Keith Howse

Standing: L to R: Sandra Corbett, Peter Myles, John Bugden

Post Author: William Short