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Grande Meadows

Course Update

April 24, 2020

Hopefully this update finds everyone safe and in good health during the Covid-19 pandemic. A big shout out to all front line workers who are providing essential services during this chaotic time. Please continue to follow the practices of physical distancing regulations in the hope that we will be back to normal in the not too distant future. We are still optimistic that we will be able to begin our season for membership as budgeted on the Thursday before the long weekend for members.

As well we are aware that this pandemic will mean that changes will have be made in the way things are done around golf courses as well as other aspects of our lives. For instance it will mean cleaning of golf carts after each use among other things.

Check out a little information from the following provinces to see how they are dealing with re-opening.


British Columbia

New Brunswick  See Page 9 For Golf Specific Items

Prince Edward Island

Our fourth weekly update finds our greens and the fairways look excellent shape and hopefully we will be able to take advantages of the great course conditions soon. Myself, Board Chairperson Keith and General Manager Bill walked the course on Wednesday morning. It is our opinion that the course is in much better shape after the winter this year than last year.

Kim sent out the membership invoices this week and she is hearing back from members every day. We look forward to your continued membership and support of Grande Meadows golf course. As well we want to reiterate the fact that members can send an e-transfer to Kim's cell number is 567-0313.

As well Grande Meadows Golf Course is offering a membership fee to any person who wasn't a member of Grande Meadows Golf Course in 2019 of $500.00 plus HST which includes RCGA membership. If you know of any person who would like to take advantage of this deal to contact Kim at 567-0313 or Bill at 277-1101.

Even though the course isn't open for members to play golf you are welcome to walk the course to check out the conditions providing that the rules of social distancing are followed.

All the best and stay safe.



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Post Author: William Short