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Grande Meadows Golf Course

Job Postings

Students and JCP Workers

Grande Meadows is looking for people to fill the following positions this summer.


1     Customer Relations Clerk/Cook's Helper      Job Description

This position is in the Pro Shop and mainly deals with customer relations, answering the phones and maintaining the shop and the surrounding area/helping out in the kitchen when required. This position is for 8 weeks at 35 hours per week.
2     Coordinator Youth Recreational & Leisure Activities Program    Job Description
This position deals with coordinating the Junior golf and Future Links programs at Grande Meadows. This position is for 8 weeks at 35 hours per week.

3     Customer Relations Clerk

This position is for one high school student for 4 weeks at 20 hours a week. 

Call 826-2601 for details and forward a resume to
JCP Project:
Grande Meadows requires four (4) laborers and 1 foreperson for this summer's project.
These positions include general maintenance on the golf course, bunkers, tees, etc
Please send your resume by email to

Post Author: William Short