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Grande Meadows

Course Update

June 5, 2020


Things have been going really well since opening on May 14. There have been lots of golfers out during that time and green fees are up compared to the same time last year. The weather the past week hasn't been great but it's nice to see lots of unfamiliar faces out for some recreation and enjoyment.

The course is in fantastic shape and the rain the past week has turned everything green. It's also made the rough a little thick which makes for some tough shots into the wind. However, I find the rough similar to the sand. And as I have found out many times the best way to deal with sand and deep rough is to avoid it. Not so easy sometimes, eh! It just feels good to be out playing golf on a course that is in great shape.

The Board of Directors and management would like to thank all golfers for diligently following the Covid-19 regulations in place. Please keep up the good work. You can review the updated guidelines from the provincial government as we move to Alert Level 3 this coming Monday June 8.

Updated Provincial Golf Guidelines for Alert Level 3

Keith Howse, Club Chairperson, has been working on a pulley ball retrieval system to be used instead of having the raised cups as we do right now. There are various other methods out there that allow putting without the raised cup including pool noodles, pvc pipe and disk. Just click the links below to see each one. Suffice to say that we will have one of these in place for you to try out in the next few days. Please feel free to pass along your thoughts to management, the golf captain, the Board of Directors or to any other golfers.

Pulley Ball Retrieval System

Pool Noodles

PVC Pipe

Flat Disk

The majority of our members have the RCGA Membership and have been inputting scores using the Hole by Hole method. We would like to encourage other members to do likewise. Besides providing each golfer with some valuable information about their own game it will also provide the course with valuable data in seeing how the holes are playing difficulty wise.

Membership is coming along and we now have approximately 134 members paid up including 8 youth, 8 student and 21 new members. However, there is still room for some more members so please encourage anyone you may know that is thinking of joining up.

Grande Meadows Golf Course is offering a reduced membership fee to any person who was not an individual or corporate associate member of Grande Meadows Golf Course in 2019 of $500.00 plus HST which includes RCGA membership. There is also a reduced membership fee for youth 24 and under as well as full time students. Some people have taken advantage of those deals already. If you know of any person who would like to take advantage of this deal contact Kim at 567-0313 or Bill at 277-1101.

""This week we would like to send a big shoutout to our ladies contingent of golfers who are out every good day enjoying themselves on the golf course. One of those ladies is Dorothy Warren who looks forward to getting over to Frenchman's Cove to get in a game. Dorothy, like her late husband Ray, will go out in just about any weather although she isn't too partial to rain. Dorothy, it is always great to see your lovely smile every time you are at the golf course.


All the best and stay safe.



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Post Author: William Short