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The 2021 golf season proved to be a successful one for Grande Meadows Golf Course. Our membership was up a little and there were a few extra rounds played throughout the summer.

There are some areas where Grande Meadows needs to spend some money to upgrade some of our equipment. For the 2022 golf season 3 new power carts have been ordered which will come in at a cost of $22,000. We are also in the market for a used rough mower which will run us into another $25,000. Our present rough mower is reaching the end of the line and it has only been kept going by the tender love and care shown it by our smiling mechanic, Greg Farrell. A new rough mower would cost in the area of $55,000.

There was an overall increase in rounds played this year of about 6.4% – from 15,794 9 Hole equivalent rounds in 2020 to 16,798 9 Hole equivalent rounds in 2021. While the number of rounds for members was about the same there was almost a 40% increase in rounds played by the public. See below the numbers for 2015 – 2021.

Membership at Grande Meadows this season was 179 which was made up of 117 regular members, 34 new members, 9 youth members and 19 student members. Our Junior program had 35 participants while our First Tee program had 5 members. In 2020 there were a total of 163 members.

As well you may be aware that both Bill and Kim have indicated they will not be returning in 2022. The Board is working diligently on ironing out things going forward and as soon as possible the Board will update members on the situation.

Another item on the agenda this off season is the union contract for our inside and outside workers which expires this fall. Negotiations on a new contract will happen sometime in the new year before the AGM.

This year there has been some great support form our membership and the general public. Due to the great work of our PR committee the Grande Meadows kitchen has become known throughout the Burin Peninsula. Our Friday Fish Day was very successful and our kitchen revenue was certainly the highest in recent memory. With a few minor details being worked on we think the kitchen has the potential to be a great source of revenue for the course.

On behalf of the Board of Directors & Management thank you to the membership for your support during the past golf season. We wish you a healthy and safe winter season. We hope to see you all back for the 2022 golf season.

Post Author: Barry Stacey