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Perry Stone had the 4th Hole-in-One of the 2021 season at Grande Meadows when he aced the Par 3 third Hole at on November 7. Stone used a pitching wedge from 141 yards with a little wind behind him to land the ball a little short and have it run up into the hole for his 3rd Hole-in-One. Witnessing the ace were playing partners Matthew Hackett, Paul Hartson and Craig Hiscock.
Congratulations Perry.
Grande Meadows 2021 Junior Men’s Golf Champion James Mitchell had the 3rd ace of the season at Grande Meadows when he holed out on the Par 3 Hole #12 during the opening day of the 2021 Grande Meadows Club Championship. It was Mitchell’s first Hole-in-One and he used his 7 iron to ace the 160 yard Par 3 while playing with Bob Brenton and Dan Walsh.
Congratulations James.
Jeff Burke (center) had the second ace of the 2021 golf season at Grande Meadows when he holed out on Hole #7 Thursday August 26 using his 5 wood into a little breeze on the 160 yard hole. Jeff became the 5th golfer to ace both par 3’s at Grande Meadows having scored an ace on Hole #3 15 years ago in May 2006. Jeff was playing in a group that morning with Tony Mitchell and Dr. Chandra Sekhar.
Congratulations Jeff.

Debbie Kenway had the first ace of the 2021 golf season at Grande Meadows when she holed out on Hole #7 Wednesday July 14 using her driver into a stiff breeze on the 158 yard hole. Debbie was play with her husband Ches and it was witnessed by Kevin Pittman. After confirming that the ball was in the hole Debbie did a little dance. Congratulations Debbie.

Post Author: Barry Stacey